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El sáb, 27-12-2003 a las 05:10, Ross Golder escribió:

> Since this thread started, I thought, why can't we have translation
> modules per language. I'm not sure if it would work or not. We could
> create ampersand modules, consisting of just the po/ChangeLog and
> po/xx.po file for that language, but for all the modules in a given
> collection.
> For example, the translation-desktop-th module could consist of:
> gnome-desktop/po/ChangeLog
> gnome-desktop/po/th.po
> gnome-panel/po/ChangeLog
> gnome-panel/po/th.po
> etc...

That could be the best solution, as it's easy to implement and does not
need to change any other team works.

The problem is that I don't think it's possible to do it with files,
AFAIK the CVSROOT/modules "alias" are only for directories (I have never
tried it with files so If someone else can try it with files and tell us
if it works...)

> However, this would amount to a fairly large set of modules in the
> CVSROOT/modules file to maintain, and would probably need a little
> co-ordination with the gnome-sysadmin team. 
> Crackpot idea, or workable?

If cvs supports it, it's the ideal one IMHO, although I see other small
problems with it, but it's better if we check that it works and then try
to fix the secondary problems.


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