Re: CVS modules for translations

On ศ., 2003-12-26 at 22:09, Danilo Segan wrote:
> Actually, I think it's best not that Arafat does it, or Carlos, or
> me. We should transfer responsibility to GTranslator maintainers, and
> make them do the job they're "paid" for! ;-)

I'm a gtranslator maintainer, but please don't 'transfer responsibility'
to me. I've accepted more than enough responsibility already for now. 

> FWIW, I think this is quite reasonable, if we're able to provide
> programmaticaly determinable set of files (like it's currently
> possible to parse translation-status.xml), so that it would be
> possible for gtranslator to know out of which module, branch and
> language is the current translation coming from.

I'm not sure where gtranslator came into this. I thought this was a
thread about putting po files into seperate modules, before a petty
squabble/misunderstanding ensued about who should do the dirty work.

If there are any changes required to gtranslator, please follow the
normal procedure - file a bugzilla report, include as much detail as
possible about what you are requesting and mark it as 'enhancement'. As
I get time to work on gtranslator, I will tend to the outstanding bug
reports first, and then look at these enhancement requests.

I have to say I think it's an interesting idea, and already have an idea
about how something like this might be implemented, but I can't drop
everything to work on it, nor can I guarantee it'll be done in any
particular timescale unless I get significant encouragement.

> Of course, the toughest part here would have to be authentication,
> because it means shifting from current authentication methods to new
> ones (whatever they are).
> Ideally, one could use HTTP PUT in place of current translation in
> status pages to update it, but this means SOME work (without a
> volunteer to do it).

Since this thread started, I thought, why can't we have translation
modules per language. I'm not sure if it would work or not. We could
create ampersand modules, consisting of just the po/ChangeLog and
po/xx.po file for that language, but for all the modules in a given

For example, the translation-desktop-th module could consist of:


However, this would amount to a fairly large set of modules in the
CVSROOT/modules file to maintain, and would probably need a little
co-ordination with the gnome-sysadmin team. 

Crackpot idea, or workable?


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