Re: CVS modules for translations

Malcolm Tredinnick <> writes:

> Unforuntately, this won't quite work because of the way CVS handles the
> modules file. The first time you check out a module, it consults
> CVSROOT/modules to see if there is a virtual module. On subsequent
> updates (even if you try to do the update as 'cvs checkout...'), it does
> not look in this file. So you will not see any new packages that get
> added to the translator's alias, which means that after a few months
> everybody will be working from a different set of checked out
> directories, leading to lots of confusion (and omissions). There are
> similar problems when translations move onto a branch just prior to
> releases, etc.

How about using symlinks in the repository instead?  This won't be
easy to maintain either, but one could take that responsibility to GTP
instead, or it could be automated using CVS features (loginfo,...).

I can imagine some problems which concern files other than "*,v", so
could this be a solution?

Eg. create a new module in CVS like "sr-translation" (or better yet,
"translation/sr"), and one directory per translation module which
contains ChangeLog's and sr.po's.  Of course, some support should be
put into loginfo in order to automatically update list of symlinks.

This will make it harder to modify's (in order to add a
language to ALL_LINGUAS), so perhaps only when "new" LINGUAS files is
also put into po/ directory, this might become workable.


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