Re: CVS modules for translations

On Sun, 2003-12-28 at 12:48, Christian Rose wrote:
> sön 2003-12-28 klockan 00.21 skrev Malcolm Tredinnick:
> > In practice, this kind of thing (checking out lots of varying files from
> > a number of modules) probably should be done with a script. Given that
> > we already have a list of packages to translate and branches, it may not
> > be too hard. Give me a day to think about it and I'll see what I can
> > come up with.
> A similar thing (a way to get all pot files and po files for any given
> language in a tarball) has been suggested for the translation status
> pages in the past. I'm not sure if Carlos has implemented this yet in
> the new translation status page code, but you might want to check with
> Carlos first.

This sounds like exactly the thing I was thinking about. Even better if
somebody else is doing it. :-)

Carlos, what is the status of this? Do you want me to do it, or is it
under control?


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