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  • [gnome-network]desktop sharing moved to gnome-sharing, Rodrigo Moya
  • [gnome-network]Patch for Desktop Client Dialog, Rodney Dawes
  • [gnome-network][PATCH] Ask whether to accept clients in gds, Rob Clews
  • [gnome-network][PATCH] Showing password in gdsp dialog, Rob Clews
  • Re: [gnome-network]patch for integrating the gnome system tools with gnome-netinfo, Carlos Garnacho
  • Antw: Re: [gnome-network]Gnom-Remote-Shell future direction, Ulrich Neumann
  • [gnome-network]GNetwork Library: Directions & Roadmap, James M. Cape
  • [gnome-network]Gnom-Remote-Shell future direction, Ulrich Neumann
  • [gnome-network]Desktop/file sharing and a case for SLP, "Miguel A. Arévalo"
  • [gnome-network]gnome-netinfo, Rodrigo Moya
  • [gnome-network][Fwd: Proto initial GNOME 2.6 new modules decision], Rodrigo Moya
  • Antw: Re: [gnome-network]PATCH for Profiles etc. with GConfimplementation, Ulrich Neumann
  • [gnome-network]gnome-network organization, Rodrigo Moya
  • [gnome-network]PATCH for Profiles etc. with GConf implementation, Ulrich Neumann
  • [gnome-network]GNetwork Library 0.0.5, James M. Cape
  • Antw: Re: [gnome-network]Patch for GNOME Remote Shell, Ulrich Neumann
  • [gnome-network]Patch for GNOME Remote Shell, Ulrich Neumann
  • Antw: Re: [gnome-network]Confusion Using Remote Desktop, Ulrich Neumann
  • [gnome-network]Re: Enhancement from bug#130674, Rodrigo Moya
  • [gnome-network]Enhancement from bug#130674, Ulrich Neumann
  • [gnome-network][PATCH] Update configure.in to summarize what will be built, Mason Kidd
  • [gnome-network]Discussion about profiles in gnome-remote-shell, Ulrich Neumann
  • [gnome-network]Confusion Using Remote Desktop, Paul Thompson
  • [gnome-network]Patch ro remove quit button, Ulrich Neumann
  • [gnome-network]Patch to avoid compiling problem on SuSE Linux 8.2/9.0, Ulrich Neumann
  • [gnome-network]use libgnetwork, Rodrigo Moya
  • Antw: Re: [gnome-network]Patch for UI Update and others, Ulrich Neumann
  • [gnome-network]Patch for UI Update and others, Ulrich Neumann
  • Re: [gnome-network]PATCHES for bug 114826, Rodrigo Moya
  • Re: [gnome-network]Makefile.am in gnome-netinfo directory, Rodrigo Moya
  • Re: [gnome-network]Remote Shell UI Mockup, Rodrigo Moya
  • [gnome-network][PATCHES] Remote Desktop Server, Mason Kidd

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