Re: Bugzilla spring cleaning

> On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 11:27, Julien Olivier wrote:
> > >From a user point of view, does it mean that I should "file" bugs
> > directly on mailing lists instead of (or in addition to) filing them on
> > bugzilla ?

No, it means that you should follow up on bugs that you report.  With
each new major release, report whether it still happens.  If you don't
want to have to try to remember to follow up, then just wait until you
get email from bugzilla.  If a bug gets closed because there's been no
action and the bug still affects you, reopen it and say so.  I know that
can be annoying from a user point of view, but between a rock and a hard
place that's the option we're left with.  I'd really like to see greater
use of the Bug Isolation Project so that we could get out of this bind,
but until it's in wider use, this is where we're stuck.

The simple fact of the matter is that some bugfixes will correct
problems seen in tons of bug reports, and that we don't always have
duplicates marked appropriately (which could be both because of lack of
manpower and/or lack of enough information to know that they were really
dups).  I've seen lots of bugs that got fixed in newer versions this

I know you probably don't like that answer.  I wish I could provide a
better one.  But I hope that the answer helps some at least.


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