Re: Regarding Nautilus scripts

<quote who="Eugenia Loli-Queru">

> I am only talking about a very simple API where a developer can simply get
> a list of the files/dir selected, do the job it  was created to do and
> only if necessary, send back to Nautilus the output (e.g. in a File
> Selection addon).

Great, that's exactly what we've got [1]. Even after the entire thread of
people talking about the mime activation plugins, it still sounds like you
haven't really researched what you're suggesting.

> Gah... can't explain it better. :-(

Sure. It's hard to so voraciously explain what is already there. :-)

- Jeff

[1] A person who shall remain nameless because he might get in trouble
reminded me of this email:

GU4DEC: June 16th-18th in Dublin, Ireland   
                          chown -R us:us yourbase

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