Re: Regarding Nautilus scripts

> It is just fine with me to have 2-3 additional options in the top level menu
> if, for example, you have selected the specific filetype. What if you have
> selected a text file, 3 php files and 5 html files? What do you show then?
> Gedit, Bluefish and Screem's plugins? All with 2-3 options in that context
> menu? That would be bloat.

I believe that if you select files with different MIME types, only
plugins working with ALL those MIME types will appear. So you'll have
even LESS plugins in the menu.

> And what if what I want to do with them is just to zip them, or to change
> their return character from DOS to Unix? What if I just want to grep over
> them? What if I want to tell Nautilus to make a specific selection in the
> listed 2000 files on my /usr/bin that have the name g?ed**. How do I do
> all that with the MIME activation method?

Well, tell me: what ? What's the problem ?

I believe that MIME-specific plugins should be in the top level menu
while general plugins (working with any MIME-type) should be in an
"addon" submenu...

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