Re: Developing and Testing panel applets

> Standard premature optimisation reply #2:
> Why not just go ahead and code it in assembly language?
Good idea. But there are 2 problems:
- developer's performance (though can be solved with reasonable number
of procs/macros)
- human ability to make mistakes.
In ideal world with unlimited resources (~heaven) I would write applets
in asm. For shlibs, the performance is not an issue (well, I do not
expect much degradation here). Sure, mistakes here are more pricy than
for apps - but it's up to developer to decide...

> #3 involves matchsticks and glue, by the way.
?-) Please no.

Well, I think it is time to stop the discussion. Both sides fixed and
reasoned their positions, so readers will be able to choose their
priorities and their ways...

Still, some official statement on would be nice to
have, wouldn't it? Michael, could you please put it (or ask any other
gnome core team guys)?


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