Re: CVS modules for translations

El dom, 28-12-2003 a las 14:00, Roozbeh Pournader escribió:
> On Sun, 2003-12-28 at 13:23, Danilo Segan wrote:
> > How about using symlinks in the repository instead?
> But CVS doesn't support symlinks! Or does it?

No, CVS does not support them.

The proposal is create a new module with all .po files using symlinks to
save space and sync tasks but the translators will see it as a separated
module when checkout it. It's a server side "magic".

I see several problems with this solution:

- Someone should maintain it with full CVS admin privileges (menthos is
the only translator I know that have such powers).
- We have a problem with branches names, some modules branch before
other so you cannot execute just: cvs co -r gnome-2-6
translations-modules because not all GNOME 2.6 modules are using that
branch, for example, someones are using HEAD other ones gnome-2.6 and
the fifth-toe modules use what they want without a standard. This is the
same problem we have if the CVSROOT/modules file lets you add file alias

All solutions we are talking here are possible, someones better than
other, but possible. But as I said, the easier one for me it's just a
script that automatically download the needed .po files and then just a
commit could upload all files.


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