Re: nazi germany flag (was: hitler's flag)

Arik Devens wrote:

On Dec 8, 2003, at 6:11 AM, Damon Chaplin wrote:

Dude, I'm just trying to get better information to make a more informed
decision on.

People have said several times that there are problems with a number of
flags, but I've asked *SEVERAL TIMES* for more examples of problematic
flags and received none.


well, personally i have *serious* problems with the thought of the nazi flag being included.

a palestinian would have objections about the israeli flag being included, GWB would have issues with the iraqui flag... this is endless.

now, it's effectively "the nazi flag", and legit uses abounds :

* when you write an historic document relating Germany's past (as distasteful as it is, you can't deny it occured)
* when doing an historic representation of the war (movie, theater play,
plastic model diaporama....)

of course, it could also be used by neo-nazi groups, but, just like guns, lots of things have a dual use (think decss and similar algorithms)

oh and israel / palestine could easily have problems with the others flag, same for ireland / northern ireland or taiwan / china or any places in the world that have strife. it's just not worth the can of worms it opens.

agreed, just put them all on there with the following disclaimer

"we are aware people have issues with several of the flags. we include all flags for completeness. if you dislike one or several of them, just remove them from your own set yourself."

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