> I'll try to summarize the issue:
> Against flags:
> 	o We know that the Chinese government doesn't want the Taiwan
> 	  flag shipped in China.
> 	o There may be problems with other flags now or in the future
> 	  and so flags may be more trouble than they are worth.
> For flags:
> 	o They can improve usability of applications.
> 	o If we stick to flags from the UN/Olympics we avoid most of the
> 	  problems with regional flags and other little-known flags,
> 	  including the Nazi flag and Palestine.
> 	o Flags are used in quite a few places already, such as sport,
> 	  and on the web, even in Google:
> 	o Flags are already used in KDE and in Mac OS X.

What is the need to rehash to death things which have already been
discussed at length in another thread ?
It was decided that flags wouldn't be shipped with gnome, but that the
keyboard switcher could use the flags if they are installed. So what is
the problem ? Distros/people which want the flags will install them,
people who can't/are offended by the flags won't, and everyone's happy. 


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