Re: Unbreaking the gnome clipboard

On Mon, 2003-06-16 at 19:42, Philip Van Hoof wrote:

> If I select a bunch of MP3's in the playlist of XMMS and I paste it in a
> E-mail client I would like to see a HTML-table with the filenames. If I
> paste it in a spreadsheet I want the spreadsheet to convert that
> "text/html"-content to tables in the sheet. If I paste it to nautilus I
> want nautilus to copy those files to the current directory... and that
> is where the GNOME Clipboard is broken ..  the only way to support such
> behaviour is by fixing each application. And that is a huge job.

By the way, the exact same problem exists with drag -and drop. But
that's probably because drag and drop and the clipboard share the same
way of working (by using targets and ownership-atoms).

Actually if I drag those MP3's to my spreadsheet application I want the
exact same thing to happen.

And applications like Xchat should not tryout crack on the Clipboard.
Why does Xchat set the CLIPBOARD when you select text? Xchat should
"ONLY" set the PRIMARY when text is selected.. the CLIPBOARD is for
CTRL+C and CTRL+V; NOT for mouse-selection... and I really really don't
care if mIRC on Windows does the same thing .. that only means that mIRC
on Windows is broken too... you should not try to emulate a bug of some
lame Windows application.

And the impedance mismatch of many applications their
"text/html"-target? Many applications provide their "text/html" target
as Unicode while other applications use UTF-8. There is no way of
knowning in what encoding your application will receive that target. Why
don't people just listen to FreeDesktop.Org for such issues in stead of
doing their own selfish thing? Again, it's really really time that
application developers start agreeing and talking with eachother about
such standards -> and again, go to

At this moment I am getting flames of gcm-users (and
websites) yelling at me that the GNOME Clipboard Sucks and that GNOME
Clipboard Manager does not fix anything at all : OF COURSE it does not
fix those issues .. and if it WOULD fix those issues then GNOME people
would start yelling at me that a Clipboard Manager should NOT fix that
and that GCM is freakin bloatware because it does fix it (I once created
a plugin that converts "text/richtext" to "text/html" and guess what :
gcm was suddenly bloated.. even making it a plugin was not UNbloated
enough! damn..).

ps. Yes, I am trying to do something about all these issues, so don't
reply me that I should stop wining and start doing something about it: I
am doing that; but most issues live in the sources of applications
maintained by other people than me.


WHEN is THIS bug going to get fixed Mozilla guys ??

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Thats almost 3 years

It really looks like nobody cares about the Clipboard but everybody
needs a working one :-)

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