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  • Recommended way to handle deprecation?, Andreas Rottmann
  • ANNOUNCE: Java-GNOME Release 2.5.7 (beta2), Jeffrey Morgan
  • Re: New language bindings revision, Murray Cumming
  • Cooperating on .defs API specifications, Andreas Rottmann
  • ANNOUNCE: PyGTK 2.3.90 (unstable), Johan Dahlin
  • [gtk2-perl] Release Candidates, Torsten Schoenfeld
  • gtkmm API change: Adding TreeView::move_column_to_start(), Murray Cumming
  • Schedule delayed by 1 week, Murray Cumming
  • Re: Enforcing response codes in GtkFileChooserDialog, Murray Cumming
  • GnomeCanvas's item_list, muppet
  • Re: Plans for 2.8 - GNOME Managed Language Services?, Murray Cumming
  • API change: FileFilter is actuall a GtkObject, Murray Cumming
  • gtk2-perl stable releases, muppet
  • Objective-C Binding, Carlos Daniel Ruvalcaba Valenzuela
  • release candidate tarballs due - March 29th, Murray Cumming
  • Re: http://www.gtk.org/bindings.html, Murray Cumming
  • 2.8 Platform Bindings - invitation, Murray Cumming
  • API-freeze break request: Add IconTheme::changed signal, Murray Cumming
  • Gnome2::Canvas 0.93 (beta), muppet
  • gtk2-perl api change request, muppet
  • Gnome2::GConf 0.94 (beta), muppet
  • Request to add API to gdk.Drawable class, Jeffrey Morgan
  • [gtk2-perl] Glib 1.039, Gtk2 1.039, Gnome2 0.94, Gnome2::VFS 0.98, Torsten Schoenfeld
  • Re: [pygtk] Release Candidate 1: pygtk-2.2.0-RC1.tar.gz, Murray Cumming
  • GtkFileChooser API changes (was Re: Release Team Meeting 2004-03-04), Murray Cumming
  • Bindings API Freeze, Murray Cumming
  • Decision on file chooser error reporting, Owen Taylor
  • [Fwd: RE: ANNOUNCE: GNOME Platform Bindings 2.5.6 (Beta 1)], Murray Cumming
  • ANNOUNCE: GNOME Platform Bindings 2.5.6 (Beta 1), Murray Cumming
  • Beta 1 tarballs due (java), Murray Cumming
  • Language Binding Guidelines, Holger Peters
  • Re: Adding error reporting to GtkFileChooser, Owen Taylor
  • [gtk2-perl] Glib 1.038, Gtk2 1.038, Gnome2 0.93, Gnome2::VFS 0.96, Torsten Schoenfeld

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